Upcoming projects


Biblical Nutrition Seminar outreach

We are hosting a Nutrition Seminar with a Biblical point of view. Nutrition is a topic that is a cross-cultural and can be beneficial to everyone, which can provide us with a unique opportunity to have more contact with our community. May the Lord be glorified in everything that we do.

Completed Projects


the pueblo of Monda

Summer of 2017 we took a group of people from our church, to the town of Monda, in the province of Málaga, Spain. We were able to canvas the whole town with gospel literature. The people that we met were very receptive, and were willing to hear about our good Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Two older ladies in particular, who were both named Maria, listened to us as we shared the gospel with them. They both bowed their heads and accepted Christ as their Saviour. 

Please continue to pray for this town, as we see the Lord doing great things on the southern coast of Málaga, Spain.